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Transport Manager & Consultant Services

Oplas Transport Consultancy is dedicated to helping all within the transport industry to understand the vital role that all Transport Managers play in the commercial transport industry & promoting the Transport Management & Consultancy Services it offers in the area of Operator Licensing Regulation Compliance & Management.

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Transport Management Services Information

CPC Holder Finder Service

One of the services offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy is the CPC Holder Finder Service. The service helps Standard Operators’ Licence Holders interested in using External Transport Management to find a CPC Holder willing to be the nominated Transport Manager. On their Standard Operator’s Licence application or on a Standard Operator Licence they hold. Letting those Standard Operator Licence Holders negotiate directly with a CPC Holder about the fee they will require for their skills & services. If you would like more information on this service & start the process of finding a CPC Holder, please follow the indicated link above.

CPC Holder Database Service

For the Transport Manager Finder Service to work, it needs to know where there are CPC Holders. Therefore Oplas Transport Consultancy for many years has invited those Certificate of Professional Competence Holders interested in offering their services as an External Transport Manager, to register their contact details on its CPC Holder Database. There is no charge for doing so after which Oplas Transport Consultancy clients may contact them directly, to see if they are willing to act as the nominated Transport Manager. On their Standard Operator’s Licence application or a Standard Operators Licence they hold, at which point the CPC Holder is free to negotiate their Terms & Conditions & their fees. Therefore, if you are a Certificate of Professional Competence Holder interested in offering your services, please use the highlighted link to register your details on Oplas Transport Consultancy CPC Holder Database.

Please Note: It is Oplas Transport Consultancy’s opinion That it is vital that both CPC Holder & Operators Licence Holder have an understanding of the Transport Manager’s role & the regulations & legal obligations associated with the position’s responsibilities, which in turn, shape the relationship. As Transport Manager & Standard Operator’s Licence Holder & before the use of External Transport Management is agreed

Restricted O/Licence Management

It is possible, not to be a Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC Holder & to manage transport operations on an Operator’s Licence. This is when the Operator’s Licence is a Restricted Operators Licence, sometimes known as an Own Account Licence. This is due to the fact, that it is not a requirement under Operator Licensing Regulations, to have a suitably qualified person i.e a CPC Holder nominated on a Restricted Operator’s Licence. In other words, the person carrying out any compliance work in relation to the use of a Restricted Operator’s Licence. Does not have to be a CPC Holder.

However, many Restricted Operator’s Licence Holders, are now using a Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC Holder, to help them maintain compliance with Operator Licensing Regulations. This is mainly because the Restricted Operators Licence Holder is the only party with legal responsibility, for compliance with the Operator Licensing Regulations. Unlike Standard Operator Licence Holders where the legal responsibility is equally shared with the CPC Holder. The other main reason is that the majority of Restricted Operator Licence Holders, have very little or no experience with operating vehicles under Operator Licensing Regulations & the transport operation may only be a consequence of their many commercial activities.

Therefore as part of their system of work for maintaining compliance with Operator Licensing Regulations, many now are engaging a CPC Holder generally on a freelance/sub-contract/self-employed basis. To give advice & administration assistance with managing their Restricted Operator’s Licence. When this is the case the Operator Licensing Regulations consider them as a Transport Consultant, not a nominated Transport Manager. They will not be named on the Restricted Operators Licence as they would be on a Standard Operators Licence

If you wish to know more information about the Transport Consultant role on a Restricted Operator’s Licence. Please use the indicated link, for more information on Oplas Transport Consultancy Restricted Operators Licence Management Service

Transport Manager Public Inquiry Service

Oplas Transport Consultancy offers a Transport Manager Public Inquiry Service. Just like everybody else in today’s commercial world. If the worse was to happen & the CPC Holder is called to Public Inquiry as a Transport Manager, the CPC Holder needed to protect their livelihood. As it is possible, the CPC Holder acting as a nominated Transport Manager could be disqualified from being a nominated Transport Manager in the future, due to a decision made from their attendance at Public Inquiry. Therefore the chance of not working in the road transport for a considerable period or indefinitely.

With the possibility of such severe consequences for a CPC Holder acting as a Transport Manager, a prudent step would be seeking formal advice early & instructing an experienced transport solicitor or transport consultant. To help them prepare for the challenging & stressful situation attending a Public Inquiry/Transport Manager’s Hearing can be. If you think that you may face or have been called to Public Inquiry as a Transport Manager & are interested in the Public Inquiry Service, offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy. Then please follow the link indicated & Oplas Transport Consultancy will contact you, to discuss your situation.

The above Information Has Been Produced, to Help Promote the Services Offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy. There is Reference to Different Parts of Operator’s Licence Regulation. Those References are for Guidance Only. Therefore, Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice.