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www.transportmanager.co.uk has been developed by Oplas Transport Consultancy & is dedicated to helping all within the transport industry to understand the vital role that all transport manager’s play in commercial transport industry, & in addition promoting the Transport Manager Services offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy in the area of Road Transport Compliance Management.

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When navigating through this website, you will notice the terms “Nominated Transport Manager”, & “Transport Manager CPC Holder” or other terms associated with Transport Manager. The reason for this is, for a transport manager’s successful nomination on to an Operator Licence of a national or international nature, the nominated Transport Manager, must have obtained a Certificate of Professional Competence to show that they are competent to manage transport operations, in either Road Haulage, or Road Passenger Transport, hence the common term CPC Holder, to describe a person who has gained a Certificate of Professional Competence, or in some cases it is used instead of Transport Manager.

Please Note: It is possible, not to be a Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC Holder, & be a Transport Manager, on an Operator’s Licence. This is when the Operator’s Licence is one of a Restricted Nature, sometimes known as an Own Account Licence. This is due to the fact, that it is not a requirement under Operator Licensing Regulations, to have a suitable qualified person as a Transport Manager nominated on a Restricted Operator’s Licence. In other words, the person carrying out any compliance work in relation to the use of a Restricted Operator’s Licence. Does not have to be a CPC Holder. 

However, many Restricted Operator’s Licence holders, are now using a Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC Holder, to act as their Transport Manager. In When this is the case the Operator Licensing Regime formally considers them as a Transport Consultant & not a nominated Transport Manager as per Operator Licences of a national or international nature. Even though in terms of the compliance work they will carry out, it will be the same in a large majority of cases. 

If you wish to know more information about the position of being a Transport Manager/Consultant, on a Restricted Operator’s Licence. Please go to Transport Manager statutory definition, for more information.

The understanding of the Transport Manager’s role. Which is determined by the regulations & associated responsibilities. Which in turn have shaped the legal position, that all transport managers find themselves in today’s transport industry. Plus, how that legal position has influenced the interaction between the Transport Manager, & the Operator’s Licence holder, & how that relationship is view by the likes of the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) & the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. It has become critical that both parties understand their responsibilities, in making sure compliance to the Operator Licensing Regime is maintained, on the Operator’s Licence that they have a formal association with.

Therefore, by navigating this website the user will find information on either being, or employing a Transport Manager. Oplas Transport Consultancy offers a number of Transport Manager Services. Information on which is either within this website, or there is a link to a dedicated website, for that area of Transport Manager regulations, or the Transport Manager Service you are considering using, which is offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy.

Finally, Oplas Transport Consultancy would like to say thank you. For giving some of your time in visiting its website www.transportmanager.co.uk

The above Information Has Been Produced, to Help Promote the Services Offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy. There is Reference to Different Parts of Operator’s Licence Regulation. Those References are for Guidance Only. Therefore, Cannot Be Considered as Formal Legal Advice.